5 Things Guys Find Attractive In Girls, According To Science

If you have never thought about what attracts guys to you the most, we can help. You do not want to joke with these tips because they have the backing of almighty science. See them in our list of 5 things guys find attractive in girls, according to science:

1. Facial symmetry: I am talking when the left side of your face matches the right side of your face and vice versa. Research has proven that this is extremely attractive.

2. Lips: A study at Manchester University recently proved that a lady’s lips are her most attractive physical attribute.

3. Strong eye contact: We all know how important eye contact is, it attracts you to the opposite sex as well. Guys are very attracted to dilated pupils.

4. Amazing teeth: Research has proven that white teeth are super attractive, the 5th fact will tell you why.

5. Stunning smile: Another study has proved that guys are super attracted to ladies who smile regularly. So get that frown off your face.

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