All 58 Holders Of The WWE 24/7 Championship In Pictures

Hi folks! Today, I bring you a gallery of all 58 title holders of the WWE 24/7 Championship. As many will know, WWE deactivated the championship last week after Nikki Cross defeated Dana Brooke.

As a tribute to the rule made famous by the WWF Hardcore Championship, Mick Foley activated it to a mixed reaction on May 20, 2019. WWE recognizes 196 reigns, although this list includes 9 excluded reigns, bringing the overall tally to 205. The title’s history ended on November 9, 2022. Champions are listed in the order of when they first won the title.

#1. Titus O’Neil – 1 time, less than 1 day

He may be the only champion who didn’t need to pin anybody to claim it. Mick Foley laid the belt in the ring and Titus O’Neil picked it up during a scramble with many other Raw Superstars.

24/7 Championship

#2. Robert Roode – 1 time, less than 1 day

He was the first superstar to claim the WWE 24/7 Championship via pin by taking it from Titus O’Neil moments after he picked it up.

#3. R-Truth – 54 times, 423 days

Almost fourteen months makes R-Truth the longest reigning 24/7 Champion in its history. He is the only superstar to have it for more than a year across his combined reigns, and the first to hold it for more than a week. He may hold the WWE record for most title reigns of any championship.

Many will agree that R-Truth was the most entertaining title holder. He will always be remembered as the ultimate 24/7, 48/7, 7/11, I-95 South (add more if you like) Champion. And that’s the truth!

24/7 Championship

#4. Elias – 4 times, 15 days

He holds the distinction of being the first to pin R-Truth. Also, he is the first to have the 24/7 title rule suspended so he could wrestle a match without interference.

#5. Jinder Mahal – 2 times, less than 1 day

For his first reign, he became the first to claim the title in between shows. The change happened on a golf course and was uploaded to WWE’s website & social media. His second reign happened at the Frankfurt Airport on the way to Saudi Arabia. Again, this title change was uploaded to social media and shown later on TV.

24/7 Championship

#6. Drake Maverick – 8 times, 23 days

R-Truth got his first rival in Drake Maverick, as the two fought over it for several months. After R-Truth pinned Maverick during his wedding ceremony to wife Renee Michelle, his obsessive pursuing of the title put a strain on their relationship and almost cost him his marriage.

#7. Heath Slater – 1 time, less than 1 day

24/7 Championship

#8. Cedric Alexander – 3 times, less than 1 day

#9. Ethan Carter III – 4 times, less than 1 day

24/7 Championship

#10. Pat Patterson – 1 time, less than 1 day

He was the oldest champion at 78 years, 184 days.

#11. Gerald Brisco – 1 time, less than 1 day

He pinned his long-time friend and fellow stooge, Pat Patterson.

24/7 Championship

#12. Kelly Kelly – 1 time, less than 1 day

By pinning Gerald Brisco, she became the first woman to hold the WWE 24/7 Championship.

#13. Candice Michelle – 1 time, less than 1 day

24/7 Championship

#14. Alundra Blayze – 1 time, less than 1 day

#15. Ted DiBiase – 1 time, less than 1 day

This happened during the Raw Reunion in 2019, which at the time, set a record for the most title changes in one night. The title changed hands from R-Truth, to Drake Maverick, Pat Patterson, Gerald Brisco, Kelly Kelly, Candice Michelle, Alundra Blayze, Ted DiBiase, and Drake Maverick again, before finally returning to R-Truth.

24/7 Championship

#16. Mike Kanellis – 2 times, less than 1 day

#17. Maria Kanellis – 1 time, 7 days

Maria won the title by forcing her husband Mike Kanellis to lie down for her. A week later, she lost it when he betrayed her during a OB-GYN appointment. This marked the first time the title changed hands between husband & wife.

24/7 Championship

#18. The Revival – 1 time, less than 1 day

The Revival decided they would be co-champions, making them the only team to do so. They are technically classed as the heaviest champion. It didn’t last long, as R-Truth & Carmella worked together to get it back.

#19. Rob Stone – 1 time, less than 1 day

Rob Stone is the first person outside of WWE to claim the championship, which he did on Fox College Football. He is a sports commentator for Fox Sports.

24/7 Championship

#20. Bo Dallas – 1 time, less than 1 day

#21. Enes Kanter – 1 time, less than 1 day

The first sportsperson outside of WWE to hold the title. Enes Kanter plays basketball for the Boston Celtics.

24/7 Championship

#22. Mayor Glenn Jacobs – 1 time, less than 1 day

This is the last title Glenn Jacobs, otherwise known as Kane, won in his WWE career.

#23. Carmella – 4 times, 14 days

Spent much of her time helping R-Truth to regain the title, so it surprised everyone when she claimed her first reign by pinning him.

24/7 Championship

#24. Marshmello – 1 time, 14 days

He is a well-known electronic music producer and DJ. On the SmackDown 20th anniversary show, he pinned Carmella by tripping and falling on to her. She later pinned him to take it back.

#25. Tamina – 9 times, less than 1 day

24/7 Championship

#26. Sunil Singh – 4 times, 10 days

#27. Samir Singh – 5 times, 18 days

24/7 Championship

#28. Michael Giaccio – 1 time, less than 1 day

Michael Giaccio became the first corporate WWE employee to claim the title when he pinned R-Truth at WWE Headquarters during an Employee Town Hall event. He was the company’s Senior Account Manager. R-Truth got it back during a Talent Relations meeting.

#29. Kyle Busch – 1 time, less than 1 day

Became the first professional racing car driver to claim the WWE 24/7 Championship. Who did he pin? R-Truth of course.

24/7 Championship

#30. Akira Tozawa – 16 times, 87 days

Tozawa steadily become R-Truth’s second biggest rival after Drake Maverick, as they fought over the title for months. Overall, across his 16 reigns, Tozawa is the fourth longest reigning champion.

#31. Santa Claus – 1 time, less than 1 day

This happened at the Columbus Circle on the December 23, 2019 episode of Raw. For AEW and independent wrestling fans, they may know Santa Claus as Bear Bronson, one-half of the Bear Country tag team.

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