Backstage News On The Finish To AEW Full Gear Main Event, JR On Commentary

Maxwell Jacob Friedman walked away with the AEW World Championship after beating Jon Moxley at Saturday night’s AEW Full Gear event. MJF won the match after William Regal got involved, slipping MJF his trademark brass knuckles. According to a report by Dave Meltzer of, the finish to the main event was Tony Khan’s idea and one he had been building up for weeks leading up to the pay-per-view main event.

Another finish was reportedly pitched by “several of the most influential wrestlers” in AEW. It’s unknown what the other pitched finish was, or who the contributing wrestlers were. However, Tony Khan was said to have felt very strongly about the finish that was used during the show, as well as the direction it will take the storyline.

Fans may have noticed that Jim Ross was used on commentary for only the first half of AEW Full Gear. This was reportedly a call made before the show started. Tony Khan opted to use JR for the first half, and then Tony Schiavone for the second half.

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