#Bbnaija 2021: Liquorose and Angel’s heated fight – BBNaija

Liquorose and Angel’s heated fight – BBNaija
Liquorose and Angel’s heated fight – BBNaija

Liquorose and Angel’s heated fight – BBNaija

A game of charades descends into chaos.

Four days in and cracks are starting to show in the relationships between the Housemates.

Last night, the Housemates gathered to play a round of charades as they unwinded, when things got heated. Liquorose and Angel got into a massive blowout over charades.

Angel had to be restrained physically by Arin at some point during the exchange, as she attempted to have a go at Liquorose. Liquorose did not take things lying down either and gave as much as she was receiving.

Later, Maria and Liquorose went to the bedroom where Angel was, to try and squash the beef, but that turned chaotic too. Another argument erupted, leaving Maria pleading with the two to not make the game personal.

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It wasn’t just Angel who had a bone to pick with one of the participants of the game of charades. An upset Arin expressed her feelings about Maria accusing her team of cheating. “Maria is an instigator,” she said.

Arin and Head of House Peace then accompanied Liquorose to Angel’s room where the ladies hashed out their differences. After a brief chat, the two hugged it out and apologised to each other.

The first Task of the Season set the stage for this blowout. There has been simmering tension between Angel and Liquorose since Angel told Liquorose to ask for clarity before making insinuations, while they were discussing the Task Brief in the lounge. Angel had taken offense after Liquorose had apparently misinterpreted her statement about the people who should lead the musical drama.



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