Billy Gunn: ‘I Have No Earthly Idea Why I’m Still A Hot Commodity’

Scissor me daddy!

During a recent appearance on Captain’s Corner, AEW wrestler Billy Gunn commented on being insanely popular these days after being paired up with The Acclaimed.

According to Mr. Ass himself, he has no idea why he’s still a hot commodity in wrestling at his current age and is just having some fun riding the wave.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On how popular he’s become in AEW: “I have no earthly idea why I’m still a hot commodity. I should be playing golf somewhere and retired.”

On the fans and how he’s just having fun now: “If there’s one thing that’s constant it’s the fans. Whether you like me or don’t like me, they’ve always been there. My rollercoaster of life has peaked out, I’m having a blast. I’m having a lot of fun with Max and Anthony; they’re good kids. My career doesn’t get better, it can end today and I’ll be fine. At this stage of my life I’m just having fun, and that’s what I need to do. I’ve done the hard part.”

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