Britt Baker Says Promo Battle With Saraya Last Week On AEW Dynamite Motivated Her

Britt Baker made an appearance on Busted Open Radio today to promote AEW Full Gear this Saturday. 

During it, she spoke about her segment with Saraya on last week’s episode of AEW Dynamite and how it motivated her. They will wrestle each other at AEW Full Gear, which marks Saraya’s first match since December 2017. 

It definitely motivated me because she ripped me apart. She literally ripped me to shreds, so I was kind of in shock for a second. It was very surreal, hearing everything she was saying to me, and even everything that she went through, it was very real and raw. That’s totally, her digs at me aside, this girl is a real-life role model. Everything she went through, everything she’s overcome, and now she’s standing in a ring, wrestling against the top girl at AEW. Like, hat’s off to her. But this is my house, and the fans know that. They told you that this is my house. I think she has her hardcore group of fans. I mean this girl’s a star. There’s probably people that don’t even watch wrestling that watched her family’s movie that wanna watch this match just because they’re a fan of her and the story. She’s a worldwide star and I can’t take that away from her. Actually I would like to be what she is one day. But when it comes to AEW, this is my house. You can’t come into my house and tell me that you laid the foundation down when you didn’t lay a single brick. I’m happy that she said every single word she did in that promo because this is the most fired up I’ve ever been. It’s not every day that I get to stand in the ring face-to-face and do a back and forth promo with someone, and that was really exciting. And it did, even though she was cutting me deep, it was very motivating because I did feel how raw she was. And she’s angry. I don’t think she’s angry at me, she’s angry at the situation, but what she told me? I don’t have what it takes to be a star? Okay, well if you meant to say it or not, you said it. Now all bets are off. You’re cleared, let’s have a match. Let’s go on Saturday.

Quotes via 411 Mania

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