Earl Hebner Discusses His Friendship With Sting, Happy Jeff Jarrett Is With AEW

Earl Hebner was recently interviewed on his son Brian’s “Reffin’ It Up” podcast to discuss several professional wrestling topics. Hebner discussed his friendship with Sting, as well as Jeff Jarrett signing with AEW.

Here are the highlights:

His friendship with Sting:

Sting and I were real good buddies. And believe it or not, he had his private dressing room, and he always let me dress in his room because we played cards… He wanted me to always do his matches.

Jeff Jarrett going to AEW:

I love Jeff to death. I’m so happy he’s with AEW, he’s going to make a big impact. It’ll be well worth having somebody there that knows what he does. He knows everything about the business.

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