Former WWE Referee Speaks About The Pressure of Working For Vince McMahon

In an interview with Chris Featherstone for Sportskeeda Wrestling, former WWE referee Jack Doan spoke about the immense pressure of working under Vince McMahon and claimed that while the former CEO was “very demanding,” he did took care of his employees financially. You can check out some of the highlights from Doan’s interview below. (via 411 Mania)

On what it was like working for Vince: “Very demanding, very intense, very intimidating. [He’d] expect you to miss birthdays, holidays. But he took care of you financially. You know, family emergencies, he got you home. He cared about you and your family, but he was very, ‘This is your job. This is what I expect out of you. Your payoff is, I’m going to make you financially secure while you’re here.’ But he was a very demanding, and I think some of Vince’s problems with — not everybody is a Vince McMahon. Not everybody can put that much energy into what you love and what you did. But he expected a lot out of you.”

On McMahon’s work expectations : “I’ll tell you a quick story. My old production manager — because as you said, I set up the rung too, I was part of the production crew — he got called on Christmas Day from Vince. This was probably 20 years ago, and he said, ‘Steve, I’ve got this idea!’ I forget, it was something he needed for the match. He said, ‘Vince, it’s Christmas. Nobody is working.’ And he goes, ‘I’m working!’ So that was just what he expected.”

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