Han Suk Kyu Puts All His Love Into His Cooking For Kim Seo Hyung In New Drama Poster

The official poster for “It May Be a Little Spicy Today” (literal title) has been released!

The drama series revolves around a husband cooking meals for his wife who was diagnosed with colon cancer. The husband Chang Wook (Han Suk Kyu) is no Michelin star chef by any means, but he puts all of his love into the meals he makes for his wife Da Jeong (Kim Seo Hyung). This sad and beautiful story is based on a non-fiction book of the same name that was written by Kang Chang Rae.

The main poster shows the couple surrounded by bright sunlight as Chang Wook serves a meal he prepared just for his wife. Da Jeong is looking at her husband with nothing but warmth, love, and affection as she sits at the table, the coziness of their home almost tangible to viewers. The words, “A record of my affection served in a bowl,” stand out between the two, and viewers should probably get the tissues ready for this heart-wrenching story.

“It May Be a Little Spicy Today” will air on December 1.

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