If you marry a Woman from any of these 3 states, you are a lucky man (Read here)

Nigeria is blessed with states that have produced women who are contributing to the National development. When there is peace in the house, there will be peace in the nation. And those who majorly drive peace at home are women.

It is only a woman that can make the entire home happy. Many women rattle like a snake at home and when they are in that mood, everyone is at their mercy.

This explains why men should be very selective when there is need to choose a woman with whom to spend the rest of their lives. While taking this decision, certain things have to be considered in order to be sure you are not making the wrong choice.

One of the things to consider in choosing a woman is the state she comes from. Out of the 36 states in Nigeria, there are states you will marry from and will never regret your decision. As a matter of fact, you will pray to marry from that state if you come back to life again.

Out of these numerous states of the federation, three states cannot be underestimated. They are:

1. Ekiti State

Women from Ekiti State are not demanding and very enduring with their husbands. They practically worship their husbands like Kings.

Their parents don’t collect bridal price on them. If it is included in their engagement Items, it is a must they return it on the wedding day. Marrying Ekiti woman is free of charge.

When it comes to accommodating husband relation, Ekiti women are very good at it. They make the house comfortable and habitable for guests to live.

And when it comes to cocking local delicacies, they are very good at it. They have an incredible capacity to pound yam and make it to your satisfaction. One major thing about Ekiti women is their tenacity to stand by their husbands both in good and hard time.

2. Abia state

Apart from the outrageous traditional items normally request for by the family, Abia women are good wife material. But getting married to them can be very expensive.

This is majorly the traditional belief of Igbo people. Once you cross the bridge as a man, you have nothing to worry about. No matter how beautiful they are, once they are married, they will never look outside no matter what happens to you.

And no matter how bad you treat them, they will never go back to their family house. In fact, their people will never encourage such from them. Hence, they will have no option than to endure their marriage.

And despite all that, they will do everything within their capacity to make the home conducive and make you happy as the husband.

3. Akwa Ibom

Once you marry an Akwa Ibom woman, you are locked up for life. There is nothing you want in women that they don’t have.

Talk of good food, they are second to none. And when it comes the other room assignment, they will never be tired of it. As a matter of fact, it is you that will run away for them.

They have what it takes to key you down and make you have no reason to look outside for satisfaction. And when a man is satisfied at home, there is nothing a lady will use to lure him outside except he has already made up his mind to play an away match.

But when it comes to all round satisfaction, an Akwa Ibom woman has more than enough in her kitty to pocket her man.

As a man, if you make a choice from any of these three States, consider yourself a very lucky person.


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