“Just One More” – Matt Cardona Gives Another Tease Of A WWE Return

Matt Cardona has once again teased a return to WWE, saying he needs to win “just one more” championship with the promotion.

Cardona was released in 2020 as part of ‘budget cuts’ and the former Zack Ryder has reinvented himself as a heel outside of the promotion.

Tweeting images of himself as a Tag Champion, United States Champion, and Intercontinental Champion, Cardona noted that he needs “just one more” title, a WWE World Championship, to win the Grand Slam.

This is the latest tease of Cardona’s return to WWE, after previously stating that he has “unfinished business” with the promotion.

Cardona has said that if he was to return, it would be under his real name, adding that “Zack Ryder is dead.”

WWE has reportedly shown interest in Cardona and his wife Chelsea Green, who was released in 2021.

It is believed that Green’s return is just a matter of time, with some in the company calling it a “done deal.”

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