Ken Shamrock On Vince McMahon Scandal: “People Take Advantage Of Their Power”

Vince McMahon’s four-decade run in wrestling has ended, but Ken Shamrock isn’t too surprised.

McMahon retired from WWE in July, a month after stepping down as CEO and Chairman over allegations of misconduct with female employees.

While speaking with VLAD TV, Shamrock said it is hardly a surprise McMahon took advantage of the position he was in.

“Anytime that you have that much power, I think you’re going to see things like that happen and people take advantage of their power. It hasn’t been a secret.

“I mean there’s always been allegations and I don’t think anybody really truly believes they weren’t true. I think they just believe that they, as we know now, they were just paid off or, you know, hush money. So, this is no shock. I mean like we live in this world and it happens all the time.”

In his place, Stephanie McMahon has been appointed Chairwoman and is co-CEO with Nick Khan.

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