Maryse Scheduled To Attend WWE Survivor Series WarGames 2022

Maryse Mizanin will be in town for WWE Survivor Series WarGames, PW Insider has learned.

In their report, it is said that Maryse will be at the show, but it is unclear if she will be featured during the broadcast.

The report suggested that the Mizanin’s will be filming content for their reality series ‘Miz and Mrs.’

Maryse’s husband The Miz has been feuding with Dexter Lumis as of late, but neither man is booked for a match at Survivor Series WarGames.

Maryse last appeared on WWE TV during the October 10, 2022 episode of Monday Night Raw, where she held a birthday celebration for her husband, which was crashed by Lumis.

WWE Survivor Series WarGames will take place this Saturday in Boston, MA, and mark the first time WarGames matches have been used on the main roster.

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