Matt Cardona Doesn’t Believe WWE Fans Would Be Confused If He Returned With Real Name

While there have been rumors that Matt Cardona could be returning to WWE shortly, the former Zack Ryder doesn’t believe using his real name would cause any confusion.

Cardona recently revealed that his Zack Ryder character is now “dead” and he has no plans to bring it back.

Speaking with Steve Fall for his “Ten Count” podcast, Cardona commented on his former character and whether WWE fans would be confused if he returned under his real name. He said,

“No. Maybe for some people, but I think the whole wrestling community is smarter. I mean, look at it this way: when Scott Hall came back as Scott Hall in 2002, they got it. And if they didn’t know, they’ll find out real soon.”

Cardona is currently under contract with the NWA. Cardona’s wife, Chelsea Green, may also be returning to WWE in the near future.

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