Matt Cardona Says His WWE Schedule Was Easier Than Indies

If Matt Cardona does return to WWE as rumored, then he’ll get to enjoy an easier work schedule according to the wrestler.

Cardona was released from WWE in April 2020 and has had immense success since then, including a run as NWA World Heavyweight Champion.

Speaking to Inside the Ropes, Cardona compared his work with WWE and the indies and believes that despite the rigors, WWE was the easier option.

“When your schedule’s as busy as mine, I think the WWE schedule was easier than my independent schedule.

“I was so used to that schedule. And now, there’s no rhyme or reason why I’m taking these bookings, so I’m flying across the country, I’m getting up every morning for an early flight.

“My schedule’s shot, my workouts are shot, my diet’s shot, but it is what it is and I love it.”

Cardona has said that if he was to return, it would be under his real name, adding that “Zack Ryder is dead.”

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