Mick Foley Reveals Who Had The Stiffest Punches During His Era, More

During the latest edition of his “Foley is Pod,” WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley commented on who had the stiffest punches in wrestling during his days as an active competitor, telling Terry Gordy to “lay it in” during their 1995 King of the Deathmatch, and more.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On how stiff Gordy’s punches were: “It was stiff, but not as stiff as a Terry Funk ‘working’ punch.” (laughs).

On Gordy compared to other stiff workers: “Remember, I’d worked with Vader so I knew what the upper echelon of stiff felt like. And then I would later go on to work with Stone Cold and Bret [Hart]… Shawn [Michaels] delivered the goods, too. Especially when it came to the televised matches. Nobody was smoother, but brother, he delivered those punches. Bret proudly referred to his punches as the “rubber mallets.”

On Stone Cold being “hurt” Mick didn’t think Steve was the most snug: “I think Steve was always just a tiny bit hurt that I didn’t feel like he was the “snuggest” (laughs). I’d have to be like, I’m sorry Steve. Look, Steve Austin was a lot of thing but an illusionist was not one of them (laughs). He worked that really rugged, physical style and I was always comfortable with that. As long as nobody took liberties with your nose, your teeth, your jaw. Steve laid that stuff in, and it looked great.”

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