Never Sleep with a Lady Wearing Waist Bead (See reasons)

I read the story of the lady whose panties was used by her Yahoo Yahoo boyfriend and I felt so sad for her. Sex is really destroying lives and there is a spiritual angle towards it.

I broke up with my former girlfriend in December last year after I lost my job. She fell out of love with me. I stayed single for months before I met this chubby Yoruba girl in Ibadan that attends one of these white garment churches. She was really a nice person. I met her at the cinema. She was watching a movie alone, I approached her and we kicked it off from there.

After two weeks of constantly chatting online and going on dates, she visited my place for the second time. We never planned to do anything because I am a very religious person. She brought an alcoholic drink which she shared. I got a little bit tipsy, lost control of myself and we both had sex about three times on the same day. She is a very beautiful lady with clean and odourless skin. I have never been with a fat woman out of fear of carrying something bigger than me but this one was perfect. But I noticed something strange which I regret overlooking.

When she stripped, I saw all manners of waist beads on her. It made so much noise as we made love. The sounds were disturbing. I was carried away by her huge breasts and backside that I had no time to think straight. After the act, I told her I wasn’t comfortable with the waist beads but mind you, they looked good on her. I observed she didn’t want to talk about it but I didn’t bother.

Since then, I noticed this lady has taken over my life. I think about her every day of my life and even see her in my dreams. I am not really a sex freak but things have changed for me overnight. No other woman interests me anymore. I even lose erection whenever I am with other girls. I am constantly begging her for just one round. Sleeping with her has become my drug. When she travelled outside Ibadan, I almost ran mad. I contemplated travelling to Ilorin just to sleep with her one more time. I have given her all my savings and I am even boring money to give her.

A mutual friend of ours who I confided in on Facebook told me I have been charmed and her waist beads are not ordinary. The person knows her so well. According to her, if she doesn’t release me spiritually, I will run mad with time or disappear mysteriously. I am so confused right now. Even when I was down with typhoid fever, I still had to beg her for just one round despite not having the energy.

She has refused to confess to me but I have finally found a baba in Ilesa that has promised to break me free. I want to advise my fellow men to always be wary of sleeping with women that wear waist beads. Most of them are not ordinary. Ladies will always lie that it is for fashion but not on all occasions. This baba has told me a lot about the power of waist beads and how they can destroy a man’s life.

You all have to be careful oh! It is not every hole that a lizard sees that it enters oh. Thanks so much, Editor. Please share my message to the outside world and save plenty of souls. The world is about to end.

Do you have any experience about waist bead, kindly tell us about it in the comments section 👇

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