Nick Aldis Suggests MJF’s Character Could Be “Problematic”

In an interview on Not Sam Wrestling with Sam Roberts, Nick Aldis gave his opinion on AEW’s MJF and mentioned how his character could be somewhat “problematic.” (via 411 Mania)

On the possible hazards in MJF’s future: “He’s a fantastic talent. Anyone who knows what they’re talking about, knows. I do think that you have to be careful with characters like that. It can become problematic, that’s not the right word, it can be difficult, to place them in a way that is beneficial to everyone. It’s NWA-syndrome a little bit. The NWA was red hot and was very important to WCW, but at the same time, you’re on this fast downhill slope like skiing. ‘This is great, I’m going fast, the adrenaline is off the charts,’ what happens if you want to stop? How do I change the directions and get anyone else in this? It’s not impossible, but it is difficult to do. You can’t sacrifice your protagonists to keep feeding this beast without running the potential of harming them because now they go, ‘he gets to say and do whatever he wants and totally eviscerate me, but I’m limited in what I can say in return.’”

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