Rumor Killer On The Plans For WWE Money In The Bank

While there have been some rumors floating around regarding the Money in the Bank pay-per-view event, they are not true.

The original report, which was from an uncredible source, said there were plans to remove the Money in the Bank pay-per-view event and put the matches on WrestleMania instead.

While several higher-up members of WWE management have said it’s not impossible, Fightful is reporting that nothing of this nature has been discussed at this point.

Additionally, another rumor stated that LA Knight was “penciled in” to win Money in the Bank in 2023. That is not the case, with one source saying:

“I like LA Knight, but we don’t even have definitive plans across the board for months down the line, much less next year’s Money in the Bank. If we wanted it on him so bad, it wouldn’t have been hard to take Theory’s to put on him. I’ve never heard him discussed in the same conversation as Money in the Bank. Not that it couldn’t happen, because he’s a great performer, but it’s not been discussed.”

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