Santino Marella Provides An Update On Arianna Grace’s Recovery

WWE NXT Superstar Arianna Grace is currently out of action with an injury. Grace is the daughter of former WWE Superstar Santino Marella.

During a recent appearance on the “The A2theK Wrestling Show,” Marella provided an update on his daughter’s recovery from the injury, his occasional work in WWE NXT, and more.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On Grace’s recovery from injury: “It’s going, everyone seems to be impressed with her ability to heal. And uh she’s keeping positive. And yeah, she’s on track. It was a setback, but everything happens for a reason you know? I think with this big wave of everybody that just got brought back, now that Triple H is back? You know, there was going to be nothing anyway for the time being, because he had to kind of go back and continue where he left off. So by the time she comes back and she’s ready to go, I think this wave of new talent, or old talent that’s now a new talent again, once the dust settles there I think it’d be a good time. The timing is going to line up properly, and I think it’ll be her time to shine.”

On his occasional work in NXT: “NXT is awesome. I go coach a couple times a year. I go down to Orlando and just keep my finger on the pulse, so to speak, of what’s happening. And now that my daughter’s there I’ll try and go a little more, maybe in the new year… I actually focus on more of the in-ring psychology. The character stuff, I find it hard to teach actually. It’s kind of something you’ve gotta feel, and you gotta know, and you gotta — it’s instinct you, it’s hard to teach that. But I can teach you something — I’m good at explaining things. I can show you something, but if I don’t explain it, are you really gonna understand it fully? So I’m pretty good at explaining.”

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