Saraya Reveals What Led To Her Signing With AEW, Almost Returned To WWE

During a recent appearance on “The Session with Renee Paquette” podcast, AEW wrestler Saraya commented on her relationship with Triple H and almost going back to WWE, what led to her signing with All Elite Wrestling, and more.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On her relationship with HHH and almost going back to WWE: I was speaking to WWE, and Hunter was confused. He thought I just… left. No, it wasn’t like that — but he was out [when my contract was up] because of his heart issues. So he just didn’t know. God, he’s really sweet. He really is fantastic. He was gonna make my schedule easier. I [felt] like I could really do that.”

On what led her to signing with AEW: The thing that swayed me was AEW was a new, fresh company. I could probably benefit from being thrown into a new mix. Tony just offered me so much freedom outside of [the company]. We didn’t even get into money at that point. It was just maybe we can do this… there wasn’t like a definitive “this is the offer.” Tony was very “let’s do this, let’s do this, and outside of it, you can do whatever you want. I won’t ask for a percentage of this. As long as you come to work, I’m happy.” I was like, that’s really f****** cool.”

On worrying she would be forced to quit Twitch again in WWE: “You know how during the pandemic I started the Twitch, and at one point the Twitch was taken away — that wasn’t Hunter, again, none of this [was] Hunter. He let people continue with it in NXT. I was a little flustered with that.”

On how hard it was doing nothing the last couple years: “Well, what if [WWE] don’t let me do whatever I want [like Twitch] and then I get stuck sitting at home again not doing anything? I’m thirty now! I want to start building my career outside of wrestling. I can’t just sit around and do nothing for a couple of years. I cannot do that again. That sh*t was depressing. I felt like I was a f**king loser.”

On how boyfriend Ronnie supported her: “Poor Ronnie [Radtke, her boyfriend]. There’d be days when I was just so down and he’d be like “are you okay?” He’d offer me being in a music video [for his band Falling in Reverse] to make me feel like I was doing something. He would want to keep doing these things and always motivating me. I just felt like I shouldn’t have to rely on him to give me something. My work should be helping me with that stuff. I want to do stuff. It’s not like I want to sit around collecting a paycheck. I [felt] like a f****** bum!”

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