See Reasons! Why you No Longer See Jehovah Witnesses Knocking at your Door to preach

Hello Nigerians, have you noticed that for some months now, members of the Jehovah’s Witnesses, no longer attend their Kingdom Hall Meetings, hence, they no longer knock at your gate to preach the good news to you.

Literally, they have also stopped their door – to – door and group evangelism where they share good news about God’s kingdom.

Last week, a Nigerian shared his experience after he asked one of his neighbours who is a proud member of the sect why he no longer go out for field service as they refer to evangelism, and why their kingdom halls have been shut for some months now.

However, he said after his friend reassured him that everything was well, but further revealed that they stopped attending Kingdom Hall Meetings and house – to – house evangelism due to COVID – 19 pandemic and concerns.

He went on saying that his friend revealed that they now conduct their meetings in groups at private homes, while they now conduct other large Christian meetings and evangelism via zoom and other online and social media sites.

The young Nigerian said that In a bid to confirm what his friend told him, he had to verify online and confirmed that his statement was true.

Hence during verification, he discovered that in order to prevent the spread of COVID – 19, the Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses in March this year announced the shutting down of their kingdom Halls to ensure the safety of others.


A letter from the church addressing COVID-19 outbreak

It should be noted that Jehovah’s Witness’s activities such as mobile cart witnessing and door – to – door ministry were also suspended globally since March and this is the reason why you have not been seeing them recently knocking at your gate to preach to you.

Everything is literally now virtual until the COVID-19 pandemic that has killed millions around the world is conquered.

Jehovah’s Witnesses now becomes the only Christian denomination to host their weekly public meetings via video and streaming conferencing since March, and had shut all their Kingdom Halls.

With this decision, it is now believed that Jehovah’s Witnesses have shown great commitment and courage towards fighting COVID-19 and also have proved that they are law-abiding, and are worthy to be respected.

The question is, Is there any church in Nigeria that can simulate the Jehovah’s witnesses? Is there a church presently that doesn’t rely on its tithes an offerings and can afford to shut down since March like the Jehovah’s witnesses?

What’s your opinion? Let’s hear from you.

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