The Bunny Expresses Her Desire To See Rosemary In AEW

The Bunny and Rosemary have a storied history.

During her time in Impact Wrestling, The Bunny was known as Allie and feuded with Rosemary, which led to the latter “dying” on-screen.

During a recent appearance on the “Grue Rume” podcast, The Bunny commented on her desire to team with Rosemary in AEW, how she believes her former foe would fit in AEW, and more.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On wanting to team with Rosemary in AEW: “I have said this from the very beginning. I wish I could grab Rosemary and throw her in my back pocket and take her with me everywhere. I mean, it would be a dream come true to reunite with her, I love her to death. And I feel like there is a lot of unresolved things that we can definitely explore. So I’m always in favor of Rosemary coming to AEW. I, you know, I pray for that. So maybe one day, never say never.”

On how Rosemary would fit in AEW: “I think she would fit in perfectly with me and Penelope, actually. Because we’re a little — we’re all a little out there. So I feel like that would be a nice little group.”

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