The Deeper Life Lady I Want To Marry Doesn’t Want To Know My Place – Man Cries Out

Man worried
Man worried

I’m dating a deeper life lady, we have seen each other up to six times but four of our meetings were at eateries while the remaining two we met was her own house and I always go with gifts like shoes, sandals, slipper, clothes etc.

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The issue now is that, I wanted her to at least know my place since we are both living in the same city. But she said no, that her parents wouldn’t approve it even though, I told her to come along with her two sisters if possible. She insisted no is against her church.

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In this last Xmas, she asked me to buy her Ankara materials, which I did but she was expecting me to either take her out and use the opportunity to bring the gifts I bought for her. But I used covid19 as an excuse. As I’m writing this now those gifts are still in my house.

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Now, she urgently needs 50k to register her carry over courses and her parents said no money and she is crying everyday because Tuesday next week is the deadline.

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She is begging me to either give her or borrow her the money. But I told her that there’s limit of what I can do for her now since we have not yet married. In fact I told her it is against my church to be spending on her when we are yet to marry.

Note, we are getting married this year even though we have not started our church courtship.

What do you advice me to do.

This man needs advice, what can you say to this, should he give her the 50k or not ?

Kindly leave a comment below.

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  1. Don’t blame her. She is avoiding temptation. Or she don’t want you to find out that she is very wild down there. Just Saying

  2. That’s a special woman you have there.
    You may not know or value her now.
    She is doing all she can to help you, herself and the Family you two will become.

    Coming to Know your House might look harmless and innocent, but that harmless action could cause you two to Defile your marriage and open the door for the devil to strike.
    The devil is smarter than what you know. That guy could Collaspe your glorious destiny in less than 2mins.

    As for your gifts to her, you are not bound to give her. It’s your choice to make. But if you know she is really the woman you wanna marry and you have the cash, I Advice you to give it to her.

  3. Don’t be surprised she has a nigga somewhere
    that is giving it to her steady.

    Your job is to buy her gifts and send her money, while the other guy’s job is to smash her.

    Be wise, guys. Don’t spend a dime on any woman you’re not yet married to.
    I cum in piss undecided

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