The Young Bucks Update Twitter Bio, Reference AEW Dynamite In Chicago

Tomorrow night, AEW returns to Chicago, IL for the first time since All Out in September. As many fans will recall, the post-show melee that followed All Out led to several high-profile suspensions. CM Punk, Ace Steel, Kenny Omega, and the Young Bucks (among others) were all suspended following the brawl that took place backstage. So how will the Bucks be received when they visit the Second City tomorrow night?

If the Bucks’ Twitter bio is any indication, tomorrow night’s show should be “interesting.” Chicago, of course, is also the home of CM Punk. Punk’s comments during the post-All Out media scrum was the match that lit the flame for the brawl. Punk was subsequently stripped of the AEW World Championship and indefinitely suspended. When the Bucks and Kenny Omega returned at Full Gear, loud “F*** CM Punk” chants could be heard throughout the arena. Those chants were also highlighted as part of this week’s “Being the Elite” episode on YouTube.

As a nod to the obvious tension surrounding their return, Matt and Nick Jackson have updated their Twitter bio. You can see the post below, courtesy of Reddit user DHA1999:

[Young Bucks] New bio: “Chicago. This’ll be interesting”. from SquaredCircle

The Elite will face Death Triangle in the second match of their best-of-seven series for the AEW Trios Championships on tomorrow’s Dynamite. If The Elite can defeat Death Triangle four times across their next six matches, they will recapture the trios belts.

AEW Dynamite will air on TBS at 8:00 PM EST.

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