Tony Khan Discusses CM Punk’s On-Air Contributions To AEW

AEW president Tony Khan recently took part in a AEW Full Gear Media Call to discuss a variety of topics. Khan discussed Punk’s on-air contributions to AEW, and if he knew what Punk was going to say at his All Out media scrum.

Here are the highlights:

Punk’s on-air contributions:

I can’t comment on that. I have nothing but positive things to say about the contributions CM Punk has made in AEW on-screen and certainly a lot of positive things to say about the things he did in AEW to date, and I can’t comment on that. But I do understand why you’d ask, and I appreciate you asking.

If he knew what Punk was going to say in his All Out media scrum:

Well, you were sitting — I don’t want to comment beyond this. You were sitting five feet away from me. And I did not know — I never know exactly — I mean, no I did not know. But I will not comment beyond that except to say that I had Keith [Lee] and Swerve [Strickland] coming up right after that and Toni Storm after that.

And I had important stuff to talk to them about, including Keith and Swerve, to let them know that I thought it would be very interesting if they had a rematch with The Acclaimed at Arthur Ashe Stadium, given that The Acclaimed are the winningest tag team AEW history and what a great match that had been.

And you saw Keith and Swerve’s reactions, which I felt like I wanted the world to see that was a real moment how Keith and Swerve reacted, and I thought that was a very significant match. And so, in part, I was thinking about Keith and Swerve and Toni in some ways, to be honest, but that’s all I would probably say.

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