Tony Khan Explains Why He Booked Colt Cabana vs. Chris Jericho On AEW Dynamite

During the post-AEW Full Gear media scrum, AEW President Tony Khan was asked about why he recently booked Colt Cabana to face off against Chris Jericho on AEW Dynamite, and whether it was a parting shot at CM Punk.

Of course, there have been some rumors that CM Punk went directly to Tony Khan and told him not to use Colt Cabana on television. This is something Khan denies.

You can check out some highlights from the scrum below:

On if CM Punk ever asked Colt Cabana to be removed from the AEW locker room: “No. No, he never asked for that. He never asked for that. The first time it came up, I think you asked me on a scrum call, and I wasn’t looking at you face to face, and I was really — it was before Death Before Dishonor, I think. He never asked me that, and think I could have probably addressed it then, but I just didn’t comment on it because I wanted to keep talking about the wrestling that was on the show because Colt Cabana was wrestling on the show. And so, you weren’t asking me specifically about the show, so I didn’t answer that there, but I — no.”

On why he booked Chris Jericho vs. Colt Cabana on Dynamite: “As far as the match with Chris [Jericho] in Baltimore, I thought it made a lot of sense because we had the Ring of Honor Championship series, and we had talked about Chris Jericho’s wrestling so many of the great names in Ring of Honor. So when you talk about like great people who’ve held championships in Ring of Honor, we brought in Bandito, Dalton Castle, a lot of great people. Tomohiro Ishii is a great former Ring of Honor World TV Champion, who I think is a match like I was saying I’m really excited for with Jericho. I think that could be a Tokyo Dome-caliber match, and when we’ve been booking the shows I’ve been using Colt Cabana both as a coach and a wrestler in the Ring of Honor, so I looked at the Ring of Honor roster, and Colt Cabana is a very logical challenger because not only has he held the Ring of Honor World Tag Team Championship, but he’s also somebody who’s been wrestling in kind of the new Ring of Honor, the 2022 Ring of Honor. He’s undefeated, and he won both of his matches, so I thought he’d be a very logical Challenger for Chris, and it’s also a good match.”

On how the booking aligns with the rumors regarding Punk: “Yes, but he was wrestling in Ring of Honor and then he wrestled for the Ring of Honor Championship, so if you look at the booking of it and it’s like he’s 2-0 in Ring of Honor, and he’s wrestling Chris Jericho who is the Ring of Honor Champion, and like when Colt Cabana has won at both Supercard of Honor and Death Before Dishonor, and that’s what I’ve been using him in is Ring of Honor. Then, he’s a former Ring of Honor [Tag Team] Champion, he’s a really logical person to challenge Chris. Plus, he’s a very compelling baby face and somebody the crowd get behind. He’s a really good wrestler, and so I thought it’d be a really good match, and I think it was a really good match. Thanks.”

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