Tony Khan Talks The Elite’s Return, Rivalry With Death Triangle

During this Thursday’s media call ahead of Full Gear, AEW President Tony Khan spoke about The Elite making their return to TV. The Elite will challenge Death Triangle for the AEW Trios Championship at Saturday’s event.

Khan was initially asked about The Elite’s suspension following their involvement in the post-All Out backstage brawl. He declined to comment on that issue. He then changed the subject to the in-ring return of Kenny Omega and the Young Bucks. You can read highlights of Khan’s comments below:

Discussing the Elite’s return at Full Gear: “Well, I can’t comment on the investigation at this time, but I would comment on their wrestling status. The Trios Championship, they were the winner of the World Trios Championship at All Out, and the title was vacated in Buffalo, and we crowed the Death Triangle as champions. And they’ve gone on, I think, to be great champions.”

The rivalry between the Elite and Death Triangle: “And really, I believe they are arguably the two greatest trios in the history of AEW. They have a rivalry that goes back many years, and even in some ways predates AEW with the Young Bucks and the Lucha Brothers. And I believe Kenny Omega and PAC have one of the great singles rivalries in AEW as well. And the trios have had great matches across singles and tags, on the Homecoming episode of Dynamite [on] January 12st, 2020 they had an amazing match. Of course, not long after that Kenny Omega and PAC had a classic singles match. I can’t wait to see the trios match. So from a wrestling standpoint, I think it sets up to be very exciting. And I think that people are excited to see Kenny Omega and the Young Bucks back, they have fans all over the world. So it’s a very compelling reason to watch the PPV to begin with.”

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