Watch: BTS’s RM And Jang Hang Joon Debate With Professionals About What It Means To Be Human In New Variety Show Teaser

BTS’s RM and Jang Hang Joon’s new variety show “The Dictionary of Useless Human Knowledge” has unveiled a new teaser!

As a follow-up to tvN’s popular programs “The Dictionary Of Useless Knowledge” and “The Dictionary Of Useless Crime Knowledge,” “The Dictionary Of Useless Human Knowledge” is a journey that explores all human beings in the world from a variety of perspectives so that one may be able to find a new side to themselves.

The show features six individuals who all specialize in different areas of knowledge and expertise. BTS’s RM and film director Jang Hang Joon will be the program’s MCs and will be joined by novelist Kim Young Ha, physics professor Kim Sang Wook, forensics professor Lee Ho, and astronomer Dr. Shim Chae Kyung.

In the newest teaser, the six individuals are finally brought together and start off a lively discussion right from the get-go. As promised by the show’s premise, they are here to discuss the big questions and they waste no time, starting off the teaser with the incredibly philosophical question of “What is a human?”

This is followed by a plethora of other equally deep and complex questions: “Why are humans happy?” “Why do humans love?” “Why do humans fight?” and “Why do humans die?” Despite all the discussions and thoughts we can have regarding these inquiries, the panelists agree that we all ultimately conclude that our own opinions are “right” – which is what they will be unpacking through this self-discovery journey.

Novelist Kim Young Ha takes the lead in starting the conversation, presenting a fictional murder case that occurs on Saturn’s moon Titan in the year 2280. The six cast members are the ones that will be sent to Titan to investigate the murder, though the exact plot details and its purpose in the overall discussion are left to be revealed in the actual broadcast.

Physics professor Kim Sang Wook and astronomer Dr. Shim Chae Kyung are expected to form a “science alliance,” answering hypothetical questions only with known facts. Their refusal to humor hypothetical questions such as “If you could see the future, would you choose to do so?” gets quite a laugh out of their other cast members.

RM, who has even written a song titled “134340” for Pluto, then shares a story of how saddened he was by Pluto’s demotion from being a planet. This raises even more expectations for this “science alliance” as he projects a lot of emotions onto what is essentially a non-living entity that does not experience such emotions, which Dr. Shim Chae Kyung points out.

Meanwhile, forensics professor Lee Ho finds himself caught in the middle of those divided by science and humanities, and he is sure to catch viewers’ attention with his unique viewpoints and occasional dad jokes.

The chemistry between MCs “Hang Joonie and Nam Joonie” is also something viewers should look forward to. The two offer very insightful points to the conversation, making sure to simultaneously keep the atmosphere light with their infectious laughter. Jang Hang Joon offers very realistic answers to people’s infinite curiosity, bringing up new and interesting topics of his own and adding another dimension to the intellectual conversation. RM also provides questions and emotions that are unique to someone who specializes in the arts and adds yet another layer to such complicated topics.

At the end, RM jokes about the fate between him and this program. He explains that his stage name RM could technically be an acronym for “The Dictionary Of Useless Human Knowledge” MC, as the first word of the program’s Korean title sounds similar to the letter “R.”

Watch the full highlight teaser here!

“The Dictionary of Useless Human Knowledge” will premiere on December 2 at 8:50 p.m. KST.

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