Watch: Tension Blooms Between Sooyoung And Yoon Bak In “Fanletter, Please” Teaser

A short preview clip for the first episode of “Fanletter, Please” has been released ahead of the drama’s premiere!

MBC’s “Fanletter, Please” is a four-part romantic comedy series about an actress who faces the biggest crisis in her life in the entertainment industry and a man who has to protect his daughter’s pure heart by writing fake replies to her fan letters. Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung stars as A-list actress Han Kang Hee, while Yoon Bak stars as Han Kang Hee’s first love Bang Jung Suk, a devoted single father whose young daughter is battling leukemia.

This short teaser clip appears to take place during Han Kang Hee and Bang Jung Suk’s school days, the two of them standing alone together in an empty classroom amidst a rather tense atmosphere. Han Kang Hee is baffled that Bang Jung Suk doesn’t know who she is, as she has apparently made quite a name for herself. Though he gives her a blank look upon her questioning, Han Kang Hee isn’t afraid of a little confrontation, going right up to Bang Jung Suk and saying, “You’re the first man who has treated me so coldly.” She is quick to drop the act though, simply huffing out a laugh as she instructs the other to look her up.

It appears Bang Jung Suk isn’t afraid to voice his thoughts either, and viewers’ hearts will surely be picking up speed as they watch him grab Han Kang Hee’s wrist, throwing her question back in her face when she gets his name wrong. “Do you know who I am?”

What exactly is the nature of these two’s relationship, and how will this scene fit into the overall drama?

“Please Send a Fan Letter” premieres on November 18 at 9:50 p.m. KST and will be available on Viki. Watch a teaser here!

Also watch Yoon Bak in “Birthcare Center” with subtitles below:

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